Talia Rouck is a
graphic designer,
illustrator, &


I’ve been lucky over the years to illustrate for magazines and small publications on a range of editorial subjects. Below, you’ll find some of my favorites.
A recent cover for the Capilano Courier for an article that detailed women’s inequal treatment in healthcare and challenges accessing fair and legitimate treatment.
Feature llustration for the Capilano Courier on an opinion peice covering the idea of self love in the age of reality television and it’s unrealistic expectations.

Two consecutive feature illustrations for the Capilano Courier regarding the universitites neglect to sign the Scarbourough Charter to enable and support BIPOC students.

CapU Courier Illustration regarding their “diversity” seminars and their frequent disclusion of BIPOC/marginalized voices.

Editorial Illustrations for Capilano Courier’s “Gift Giving for the Zodiac”

Illustration for an article on Vancouver witch and Tarot-reader, Stella Lune Tarot.